Better brain health

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A study in a British prison found that inmates who took vitamin supplements were less prone to violent behavior. And in Germany, a psychologist at the University of Lübeck has shown that social behavior is influenced by the ingredients consumed at breakfast. But what really happens in the brain when we opt for honey instead of jam, and fish rather than sausage? Scientists around the world are trying to find out.


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the documentary by adam curtis
explores how banks took over politics + how trump rose to power 

Images of the refugee crisis | DW Documentary

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images from the refugee crisis in 2015 are etched in our collective memory.

A dead child on the beach. A Syrian who talks the German chancellor into joining in a selfie. A frightened boy being torn from a bus surrounded by a raging mob.

These snapshots represent dramatic moments from the time when nearly a million refugees entered Germany in the summer of 2015. In this documentary, the authors Bamdad Esmaili and Matthias Fuchs go in search of the stories behind the pictures. What really happened back then? Where are the people who were in them now? And how did their lives unfold after the summer when German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared in front of the television cameras to say, “We’ll manage this”?


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