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Bern, Switzerland

Tuesday, September 22nd 2020,

Five organisations have come together to occupy the Bundeslplatz in Bern, Switzerland:

Collective Climate Justice, Extinction Rebellion, Climate Strike, Collectif Break, and Greenpeace

06:40 protesters take it to the streets

11:04 live from the camp at 

00:00 – red rebels

08:20 – what is happening today (in Portuguese)

15:06 – what is happening today (in English)


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Posted by Klimastreik Schweiz on Tuesday, September 22, 2020
The climate justice movement occupied Bundesplatz on Monday morning, September 21. The city of Bern gave the activists an ultimatum to vacate the place by Tuesday noon. On Monday evening, the National Council approved a motion for an order from SVP National Councilor Thomas Aeschi, calling on the city of Bern to vacate the Bundesplatz immediately.

The undersigned take the side of the activists and call on the city of Bern to respect the climate justice movement and not to vacate the Bundesplatz. They are calling on the National Council to withdraw the regulatory proposal and immediately adopt a climate-friendly policy with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2030 at the latest.

15:40 Migrant Solidarity Network protest begins

15:40 migrants make a minute of silence in solidarity with all that have died due to bad immigration policies

16:40 police use the water cannon on protesters

watch what happened on the video below

16:55 climate protesters meet refugees

12:54 – police fire water cannons

14:20 – why refugees are protesting?

Refugees in Switzerland are for more than two years without papers, the refugees have to stay within 2 kilometers of the camp. If they leave that area, they are fined, and sent to prison.

33:39 – police charge with water cannons and rubber bullets

37:00 – protesters from climate camp join the refugees protest

17:05 refugees arrive at Bundesplatz

At the climate camp, the various actors of the climate justice movement such as Collective Climate Justice, Extinction Rebellion, Climate Strike and Collectif Break Free all work together for the first time.

From September 20 to 25, it will be shown in Bern what a climate-friendly coexistence could look like in the future. The different aspects of climate justice are to be addressed with workshops, discussions and various activities.

Collectively, the activists want to think in climate gatherings about what a social and just world without the exploitation of nature can look like.

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UK Rebellion by eXtinction Rebellion

eXtinction Rebellion finished ten consecutive days of protests. the organisation’s efforts are not stopping here, during the rest of the month, other countries will be joining a mass action of protests based on shared demands


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