liberty and freedom march

Friday, 18 September 2020,

Citizens of the city of Évora have called for a counter protest in response to the rally scheduled by party Chega.

Both protests will meet in the city’s main square. Ventura the leader of the pro fascist party Chega has already hinted “it there is violence, it is not our fault”.

The right wing party is organising there congress for the weekend in the city of Évora, the European coalition : Identity Demagogs. 

Praça do Giraldo, Évora, Portugal

Chega called for the demonstration last month, in the words of their leader: ” racism does not exist, it’s something made up by the left parties…” 

“…neither rain, nor portuguese or foreign antifas will stop us from marching today against the ghost of racism, against corruption, against those who want to live at the expense of the working class…”

The party is involved in different problems, after having to resubmit their signature list, after the first had many signatures found to be copied, their member’s list has recently been found to violate a parity rule.

Last week a group of citizens called for a protest entitled, “Évora for freedom”, the manifesto appeals to “all those that believe in democracy to come to the main square and show they will not stay silent”.

Another group organised during the last days workshops and debates to counter the thematic and gather interest from citizens to become more active in their community.


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