anticorpos = “the antibodies”

On October 5th, We are the Anti-bodies action blocked Lisbon against the virus of capitalism and in defense of climate justice.

Our societies are sick. Our planet is sick. Civilization as we know it, is fatally sick.

Decision-makers are not taking the situation seriously. The way the current socioeconomic system works is to add on each one of the successive crises: the public health crisis is now giving birth to social and economic crises. We are wretched. We are getting closer and closer to the point where climate crisis will topple all the crises into the abyss. We are sick, and tired.

We commit to fight against the virus of profit maximization and all the social systems that feed discrimination between and within the peoples.”

– We are the antibodies Manifesto

The anti-bodies further released three Emergency Demands. These are the red lines of the action. The anti-bodies state that they are ready to cancel the action and go home if the government agrees to their demands.

The Emergency Demands of the Anti-bodies action are:

1) Carbon Neutrality 2030: zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

2) Universal Basic Services: guaranteeing free public services of healthcare, education, housing, food, renewable energy and public transport, for everyone

3) Maximum Limit for Income: introduction of a new income tax bracket that taxes 99% of the annual income above 150.000 euros

The action wich was organized by Climáximo is part of a wave of actions for climate justice all across Europe, Climate Care Uprising, called by the By 2020 We Rise Up platform.

Several independent media urged to transmit the protest, Ativxs in colaboration with PTrevolutionTV and WOKE International were present. here are the links for the existing livestreams:

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