let’s talk about pork

The European union has created an advertisement campaign targeted to 35 year old europeans to promote the killing and exploitation of animals for sensory pleasure. It’s wasting 3 million euros to do so.

As if the subsidies they are already giving to the meat industry are not enough.

let’s talk about pork EU, but first, let’s talk about pigs

not this ones, yet, we will talk about these later on

pig not pork

pigs are sensory beings that are proven to feel pain.

they are mass bread, their bodies filled with antibiotics so they grow faster, they are gased to death, they’re head slashed off, they have mostly no outdoors, they are restricted on tiny spaces where they feces pile up with their food.


stop exploiting animals

most people in Europe don’t want to raise pigs and slash their throats, so they have with time paid to have it done by them. this has created yet another industry that is mostly controlled by big producers and retailers, maximizing profit in every step of the supply chain over anything else.

the industry and a few companies have grown to the point where they pay to have meat consumption advertised, fuel growth of animals with artificial lights and antibiotics, lobbying, getting subsidies….

take an inside look at pig, chicken and cow farms.

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Challenge 22

We are creatures of habits. Let’s skip the conversation if it takes 21 days, 66 or 254 days to form a new habit, anyways, this challenge can help you get started going vegan. explaining the meat substitutes available, what to buy at stores and supermarkets, as well as recipes


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